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PythonCyc for Pathway Tools

PythonCyc: A Python Interface for Pathway Tools

It is now possible to use the Python programming language to query and modify an organism database (i.e., a PGDB) of Pathway Tools via the newly developed PythonCyc package. You will need the latest version of Pathway Tools, that is, version 18.5 (November 2014), to use PythonCyc.

  • PythonCyc is hosted on GitHub. To use PythonCyc, you will have to download it from GitHub and install it on your local computer.
  • The PythonCyc tutorial describes how to install PythonCyc and the main functionalities available.
  • PythonCyc has over 150 functions to interact with Pathway Tools. In particular, you can extract and manipulate all data from PGDBs and modify your own PGDBs by using the well-known Python programming language.
  • You can run metabolic models via MetaFlux using PythonCyc.
  • The complete PythonCyc API documentation is available online.